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PageofCups- Botanical Soap Company

Shea Butter Soap

Our shea butter soap bars are made with plant-based oils and shea butter for a luxurious and moisturizing cleanse. These soap bars are gentle, creamy and lathering.

Floridian: Notes of tangerine, mandarin, and bergamot and subtle notes of gardenia.
Oud: Clean, oriental base with a bit more green floral to it and herbal notes to round it out.
Plumeria: Refreshing mix of bamboo stalks, aloe, jasmine, vetiver, and soft musk.

We recommend this soap bar for customers who like a more creamy lather. Our Aloe Vera Soap Collection is recommended for customers who like more of a cleansing feel.

Ingredients: olive oil, shea butter, castor seed oil, Natural phthalate free Fragrance oil (non-synthetic scent derived from essential oils and plant extracts), kaolin clay, mineral mica

Net weight: 4.5 oz

Shea Butter Soap