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Ginger Hibiscus | Shampoo Bar

$9.90 $16.50
This fantastic Herbal Shampoo combines the natural mucilaginous emollient properties of the Hibiscus flower, and the powerful healing pink clay to give
your hair a smooth, shiny and protected feel.


Rice Water Benefits:
Rice water contains inositol, a carbohydrate that helps strengthen elasticity and reduce surface friction. Rinsing your hair with rice water adds shine to your hair and helps to keep it strong and healthy.

Ingredients: Fermented Rice Water, Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive Oil,  Hemp Seed Oil, Shea butter, sweet almond oil, pink clay,  hibiscus flower, Aroma (Organic and Wildcrafted)

Weight: approx. 4.5 - 5 oz 

***Our soaps are Handmade and Handcut which means they might differ a bit in shape and color from the ones shown in the pictures.


Ginger Hibiscus | Shampoo Bar

$9.90 $16.50