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Ocean Mud Clay Face Mask


Enriched with natural minerals that hydrate, purify, and deep clean both skin and pores.

How: Apply a thin coating (you should still be able to see your skin tone through the mask) to your skin avoiding the eyes. Allow the mask to sit on the skin for up to 10 minutes (or longer if you have the time). Rinse away & apply moisturizer. Repeat each week or as needed.

→ Buildup
→ Blocked Pores
→ Pollution Congestion

Ingredient: Water, Kaolin Clay, Bamboo Charcoal, Dead Sea Mud, Cetearyl Alcohol, Grapeseed Oil, Essential oils of peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender

Approximately 4 oz | 113 g 


  • this product is a cosmetic and not a drug. This product is not meant to cure any illness or disease.
  • Ingredients are subject to change. Refer to packaging for most updated ingredients.


Ocean Mud Clay Face Mask