The Page of Cups INC is a design collective born from one desire: exploring the unconscious mind.

The Page of Cups in the tarot deck signifies the beginning of a creative project or venture. It is an indication that there is creative energy trying to burst forth into your consciousness. And exploring this newfound creativity through art.


This is what we wanted to being to the skin care industry! A piece of art that is also great for your skin. It brings the best of nature to your skin and home. Each and every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure it smells, feels and looks completely divine while being totally natural.  

We care a lot about the planet and its inhabitants so we never use chemicals and we make sure every ingredient is sustainably sourced. We test our products on ourselves; not our furry friends and we love to use local ingredients. 

Created by Artisans

Each soap, candle and skincare product is lovingly made from start to finish by hand in Colorado. Time and care is taken to ensure a gentle crafting process so each ingredient maintains maximum vitamins and minerals. 
You will find our soaps and scrubs to be as good to your skin as they are to your senses. They feature a playful blend of ingredients like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter with natural accents such as Sea Mud, Fruits, Floral Essential Oils , clays and even activated charcoal. Our soaps are crafted in small batches using the traditional cold press method, then cured for several weeks. It is truly a labour of love that results in such a premium soap.